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Hugo and Ashley are a true ‘power couple’ so much knowledge and passion to share in their respective professions.


I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a holistic mind, body, spirit approach to health.

-Lori Emerson

I have had the privilege of being a student in Ashley’s fitness classes for a few years. She has been such a positive influence in my fitness journey. Training with Ashley has transformed different aspects of my life.


She always incorporated nutrition into the training and always kept me motivated and taught me that perseverance always brings the best results.


She helped me to not only transform my body but to also transform my mind. Thank you for helping me go beyond my limits and for contributing to the healthier lifestyle I am now leading. I am forever grateful

Noosheen Mehri

Hugo has been my personal trainer for about five years now. Time well spent I can assure you!


He has helped me to resolve pain issues, improve my posture, and, of course, exercise safely. I realize the benefits daily in so many ways, particularly now that I am a grandmother.


He is a stickler for form, which is exactly what I want in a trainer. His life coaching has been really helpful, particularly when I faced a cancer diagnosis and the subsequent treatments. He reads my moods - uncanny sometimes but so helpful!

Sue Haigh

I knew I wanted to make changes in my life and Hugo has been instrumental in my journey of self-discovery. My initial goal was fitness-related, I told Hugo I just wanted to still be working out in a year. That was it!


I've tried so many times to prioritize fitness but always seemed to let other things take priority over my own health and needs. Hugo helped me explore why other things took priority. I've learned so much about myself working with Hugo. I am not the same person I was.


Hugo helped me truly put myself first, and work through a lot of emotions that come from making significant changes in your life.

Heather Kellestine

I have been one of the fortunate ones to have attended Ashley’s Boot camp and Total Body Toning classes.  

She encouraged and pushed me every step of the way and also made sure that I was using the right posture with all the exercise movements.

  She created a sense of belonging and community with all her participants.  Her classes have always been creative and fun where we were able to track our progress.  I would definitely recommend her and give a five star review to this superstar.

Daljit Batoo

I’ve attended Ashley’s group fitness (boot camp) classes for years. She is so passionate about fitness and she truly cares!  


She spends countless hours designing customized workouts that are challenging but yet fun! We each got tracking sheets so we can review our progress. We also had friendly fitness challenges so we can motivate each other along the way.


Ashley also always integrates nutrition into her classes and I learned so much from her over the years! FIVE+ STARS!!

Sally Xu

I have worked with Hugo in the past for about a 5-6 month period and it was truly life changing. I participated in both the life coaching and personal training and still use the stuff I’ve learned to this day.


Proper technique is huge with Hugo and he enforces that heavily in the workouts so that you get the best burn and movement that bring you to your fitness goals. The life coaching was truly a blessing. It started off very casual, talking about my life, experiences, daily life, exercise, diet, etc. and became something much more.


Hugo not only showed me my unhealthy habits, but he would help me come up with possible solutions as to why I was doing them and we would work together to overcome them.


Junk Food was always an issue for me, Hugo taught me that I had control over it and my actions, and therefore I control my own fitness destiny.

Hunter Lee

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