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Where To Buy Cat S60 Phone

The well-thought-out design of the S60 puts durability and functionality at the forefront. This gadget was meant to perform under extreme conditions that would break most devices, making it perfect for professionals and people with an outdoor lifestyle. That said, you might not like the smartphone if you fall into neither of those categories.

where to buy cat s60 phone

The front of the phone features protective edges that help shield your screen from damage. The rims are made of aluminum and feature generously-sized power and volume buttons for even more durability.

The thermal camera is the standout feature of this rugged smartphone. You can launch it with a dedicated FLIR app that has several options like adjustable palettes, the ability to record spot temperatures and find the average temperature of your environment.

For someone who sits in front of a computer 10 hours a day with this Cat S60 phone on the desk. Having the Flir camera is more of a novelty. But it ultimately makes sense for jobs like exterminator. Who is trying to look for a rodent in an attic? Or even a plumber is looking for the source of a water leak. That said, I found a practical use for the Batman-like camera during my time with it. I checked the level of my propane tank. It was like having X-ray vision, only not.

See the world from another point of view with the progressive Cat S60. Joining the great rough characteristics of Cat telephones with driving cell phone advancement, this new era tough cell phone will permit you to Capture Everything from the palm of your hand. Accomplish more with the world's first warm imaging cell phone.

The first of its kind, the Cat S60 gives you live thermal imaging expertise direct from your smartphone. Utilising MSX Technology exclusive to FLIR, this rugged smartphone captures shareable clear thermal imagery, video and even timelapse footage. Multiple spot meters allow you to retroactively pinpoint a temperature in your image while the thermal imagery technology is capable of penetrating even obscurants like smoke.

The world's most waterproof smartphone can survive depths of up to 5 meters for 60 minutes using our unique Lockdown Switch. The S60 can also take underwater photographs and video, as well as boasting a glove and wet-finger compatible Corning GorillaGlass 4 touchscreen.

The world's first thermal imaging smartphone is the CAT S60, a device first introduced back in February of 2016. This smartphone is part of a collection of Android-based devices made by the folks at CAT, aka Caterpillar. We've not traditionally reviewed a lot of Android devices this far from their original release date for several reasons, one of which is Android updates.

This is not a phone for Android fans. It did not move beyond Android Marshmallow, and only received the most crucial of firmware updates. Like back in October of 2017, it got a firmware update to solve the BlueBorn vulnerability. Not much after that.

Instead, this is a smartphone for people who work in rugged environments and could benefit from thermal imaging in their daily lives. There ARE people out there, believe it or not, who can benefit from heat vision but do NOT care about Android updates. For them, this S60 might be just the ticket.

This phone has one very important thing in common with the first Razer phone. Because it does not follow smartphone trends and instead concentrates on one or two other super-specific areas of interest, CAT S60 and Razer Phone (2017) are quite alike. But where the Razer phone had mobile courage, the CAT S60 falls just a little short.

With a 4.7-inch LCD display that's 1280 x 720 pixels dense, it's most certainly not going to impress your kids any time soon. Not unless they've never seen any other modern smartphone. Instead, this CAT S60 is a set of digital tools that just happens to run Android. But it's hardcore. CAT concentrates so extremely hard on being rugged, here, that it's as if they decided any effort they'd have spent upgrading the software was better used on additional ruggedness.

This smartphone has a kevlar weave backside, super thick body, and a rim around both front and back edges. You could fit a layer of very tiny sand between the ground and the display glass with this device lying face-down.

The S60 is waterproof to a couple different depths. With speaker switches open, the phone is waterproof to 2 meters. With said switches closed, the phone is waterproof down to 5 meters for 60 minutes. These switches close an extra door between the device's speakers up front, effectively closing the hatches like it's a submarine when it's time to dive.

It's sealed around all the edges, with rubber gaskets around each of the ports. There's a USB port (micro-USB, no USB-C here) covered by a metal door, another metal door over an SOS button, and yet another metal door over the device's standard headphone cord jack.

The SOS button connects to a Location Alert app, which in turn makes it relatively easy to signal for help when you're in a dangerous situation. When the app is properly pre-set with contact information, pressing the SOS button sends an alert to your emergency contact. This emergency contact is alerted complete with GPS location of your CAT phone.

The thermal imaging bit is pretty neat. It's a very similar interface to what we saw back when we did a mini-review of the first FLIR ONE camera add-on for Android. With this CAT phone you get a FLIR thermal imaging camera built-in.

If you're aiming for the newest smartphone software or any sort of device security, this isn't the phone for you. If you need a device that can access the internet, email, send messages, and tell you the temperature of a nearby vehicle engine block, the CAT S60 is decent.

Caterpiller licenses their brand to a number of companies to promote their image of quality and durability. A company in the UK called Bullitt Group makes a line of Cat ruggedized phones from the low-end B30 to the just released S60.

Apart from the thrill of choosing a smartphone from among Samsung's lineup of Galaxy S22 handsets, there is the equally head-spinning experience of selecting just the right case with which to enjoy and protect your phone. If you're the owner of Samsung's 6.8-inch Phantom Black, Phantom White, Burgundy, or Green Galaxy S22 Ultra beast, you'll not want to venture out of the house unless it has a high-quality case wrapped around it.

Samsung offers a large variety of its own official designs for a custom fit on its own phone, but many other third-party vendors also got in on the action. But how do you decide which one to pick? We've got your back. Here are our picks for the best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases available today.

It's clear from the outset that the Cat S60 is a phone built for a niche market, so comparing it to phones like the iPhone 6S or Galaxy S7 would be foolish. The features that really matter on the S60 are the ones that shine through - its specialist applications.

The Flir camera adds thermal imaging capabilities to a smartphone for the first time ever, which is a genuinely useful tool to have on your phone if you're in an industry that needs one. Not having to carry around a separate gadget means greater convenience, while the tough waterproof build means it can be used on a building site, in any weather, without ever having to worry that it'll be broken or water damaged.

That is also sort-of true with the Cat S60: a super-tough phone which recently became available for pre-order in the UK. It's still not the most spec-tastic handset around, but there are far fewer compromises than there have been in past models.

As a quick overview: the S60 is built around a a 4.7-inch, 720p-resolution screen, powered by a mid-range Snapdragon 617 processor. It isn't built for high-end, spec-obsessed consumers, more for construction sites and surveyor workers. This market is niche, of course, but for the right user the Cat S60 might well be the perfect phone. Here's why, and how it could improve.

The S60's camera offers a great function where you can tap an area and be told the temperature. You can add more than one point to the screen, too, just by tapping on it, in case you want to read the temperature in two or three specific locations. You can also select a box and resize to fit where you want and it will read out the point of highest and lowest temperatures. Ideal if looking for, say, a leak.

Its extra thick diecast frame gives it MIL Spec 810G durability, meaning you can drop the handset from up to 1.8-metres and it'll bounce back just fine. No shattered screens here. We dropped it a number of times from shoulder height onto concrete and, while it sustained some deep scratching around the metal frame, it came through otherwise unscathed. The Gorilla Glass cover held up well with very fews markings, and the phone worked perfectly afterwards.

As you'd expect, this waterproofing means the headphone and USB ports are both sealed shut, covered by a couple of detachable flaps. Likewise, the dual SIM trays and the microSD card reader are all sealed shut inside a door on the back of the S60. All this means it's a dustproof handset too.

Most of the time during daily use the phone acts fluid and quick - the Snapdragon 617 octa-core processor is paired with 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage to ensure this - but attempt gaming and the frame-rate is slow and a little stuttery. Plus, generally speaking the S60 is often too slow to respond to touchscreen input.

It's clear from the outset that this phone is built for a very niche market, and so comparing it to phones like the iPhone 6s or Galaxy S7 would be foolish. The features that really matter on the S60 are the ones that shine through. 041b061a72

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