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Hugo Moniz

Personal Trainer, Movement Specialist and Certified Life Coach

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Hugo refers to himself as a crusader of optimal health and ultimate happiness. He demonstrates an absolute passion for supporting his clients reach their best, physically and mentally.


For the past 20 years, he has been committed to working with people of all ages and levels. He values meaningful connections with people and views the world as inclusive and unified. He believes that, like a puzzle, every piece is important and is required to understand the big picture. By keeping up to date with current techniques and innovative strategies, he is able to provide an individualized comprehensive plan that will benefit each and every client in all areas of his/her life. He feels it is his calling to educate and guide people on their journey to achieving their highest potential.

After losing 100lbs and overcoming his own challenge with obesity and depression, Hugo now understands what it takes and why it is so important to acquire health and happiness. From a young age, he learned that quality of life is to be achieved by the one living it. Hugo believes in order to live life to its fullest, one must be consciously living, by being aware and present in all aspects of life. He has developed a holistic system to help his clients influence and improve the main areas that really affect their quality of life. This includes proper balanced movement, balanced nutrition, and positive relationships and perceptions. Hugo uses fun and creative techniques that simplify each lesson, improving understanding and retention.


Nothing gives Hugo more pleasure than to see people live and Feel The Difference.

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